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Any garage floor or shop floor can benefit from a floor graphic. They can turn a boring concrete surface into something cool to look at and talk about. Whether its your preferred car make, favorite sports team, or the logo of your business, the possibilities here are limited only by your imagination.

Let’s now take a look at some of the various possibilities for garage floor graphics.

Shop Floor Graphic Decal

Things to Consider When Choosing a Floor Graphic for Your Garage or Shop

Surface which the graphic will be applied – A slip-resistant floor graphic surface is recommended for all floor surfaces. In fact, it’s actually required (to meet ASTM C-1028) in many cases if the graphic is applied in a public or workplace setting. Cured, leveled, and painted concrete is ideal for most standard laminated floor graphic vinyl although there are substrates available that are designed for ultra-rough surfaces.

Full garage floor graphic coverage is also an option using a product called G-Floor Graphic (pictured below). This product is extremely durable and heavy-weight, making it easy to apply with or without adhesives. It’s a premium product and comes with a premium price tag.

Diamond Tread G-Floor Graphic texture

Potential exposure to liquids, grease, outside elements, and chemicals – For standard vinly floor graphics, lamination is recommended for added protection against garage elements. There are certain floor graphic substrates designed

Size limitations – remember, standard large format printers print panels with max widths of 54″ or 64″. Anything larger will need to be printed in multiple panels, making installation more difficult.

Handicap symbol floor graphic on shop floor in an industrial setting. This graphic was printed on a highly conformable substrate to accommodate the contoured surface.
Harley-Davidson Garage Floor Graphic

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