A Guide to Looking Great at Your Next Trade Show – For Less

6 Ft. Custom Printed Fitted Table Cover, 4-Sided, Full Color Dye-Sub Print

Stick to the Essentials

These essential trade show displays can make any business stand out and look great among the many exhibitors. The following are various products that should be successful in just about any setting.

6 Ft. Custom Printed Fitted Table Cover, 4-Sided, Full Color Dye-Sub Print

Available in a variety of sizes and styles, custom printed table covers are inexpensive and can be fully printed with eye-catching graphics.

33.5 Wide x 80″ High Retractable Banner

Custom printed retractable banners fit into almost any space and are a great way to display anything from a featured product, company bio / history, special offer, or anything in-between.

10 ft. Casita Canopy Tent – Full-Color UV Printed Graphic Package, Aluminum Frame

Custom printed tents can be used indoors or outdoors. They can be fully printed and often fit perfectly into a popular 10′ x 10′ space.

10 ft. EZ Tube Display – Straight Single-Sided Graphic Package

EZ Tube Displays are quick and easy to set up and offer a fully printed back drop to your exhibit. Of the three options mentioned, this might be considered a “non-essential” but should be considered for those willing to dish out a few extra bucks to make a big impact.

Design Matters

Before you invest in trade show graphics, be sure to have a professionally designed logo (vector format) and if possible, have a graphic designer set up your file(s) for print.

Be Different

Try to get creative with your exhibit. Stand out and be different with something like our custom printed floor graphics

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