Partial Vehicle Wrap Cost and More

Partial Vehicle Wrap

Partial vehicle wraps can provide huge cost savings when compared to full wraps. Pricing varies but expect to pay at least $9.00/sq. ft. plus any design fees.

Full Wraps vs Partial Wraps

There’s no denying that full wraps can have a big visual impact. After all, a vehicle wrap is a moving billboard with unique marketing capabilities. Unfortunately, full wraps come with a big price tag. This is due to a variety of factors. Designers are faced with the challenge of working around specific vehicle makes. Furthermore, installers are faced with similar challenges. A seamless full wrap installation featuring a complex design is truly an art form. It’s something that takes more time and expert skilled labor, which = big $$$.

Not to worry, because there is an alternative that yields big results without the big price tag. Partial vehicle wraps, if executed properly can have a high visual impact. Before you begin your quest for a partial wrap have a clear idea of your budget. Go for simple design if you are on a budget.

Order wrap vinyl by the sq/ft

Partial Wrap on a Budget

The secret to saving big by choosing a partial wrap is installation. Think of a design that focuses on smaller sections of the vehicle. Wrapping a hood, door, tailgate or other sections of a vehicle is something just about anyone can do. Similarly, a design that can be installed with one panel is ideal (like the fleet vehicle pictured above, left). Bottom line: avoid multiple panels where the design has to be lined up perfectly (fleet vehicle picture above, right).

Let’s review some of the key benefits to partial vehicle wraps:

  • Less expensive
  • Easy to install
  • Big visual impact

You can order vehicle wrap vinyl here. Please contact us if you need assistance designing your partial wrap.

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