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Light box displays are used to create illuminated advertisements and are a very effective way to display graphics. These displays are made of fabric and are edge lit so that the entire graphic is evenly illuminated.

Light Box Displays, Edge-Lit Displays – Perfect for Trade Shows, Retail, or Displaying Artwork

Not just beautiful to look at, these displays are extremely versatile. They can be used to create a show-stopping exhibit at a trade show or event. Additionally, they are popular in retail settings, malls, airports, bus and train stations, and other indoor settings.

Light box displays are also used to illuminate artwork and photography. Hotels and resorts are a common place to find these displays.

Illuminated Bright and Available in Muliple Options

Light box displays are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different applications. They contain LED panels which are very bright and energy efficient.

No matter the use, our edge-lit displays are a sure way to please the viewer. Please contact us for more information. ****Please note: we will not  arrange last-minute shipments directly to trade shows****